12 Card Spread

This reading covers a 12 month period.  The cards will be chosen specifically for you on the day from either traditional tarot, fairy, angel or shamanic cards. Your reading may also include psychometry and clairvoyance. Please allow 60 minutes for your reading, although the reading is approx 40 minutes I allow time at the end for questions and discussion.  This reading can also be given via distance.

12 Card Spread (in person) £55.50pp

5 Card Spread

The reading is used for a specific area/question which you need guidance with. The cards that are chosen will be the right ones for you from either tarot, angel, fairy or shamanic.  Please allow up to 60 minutes for your session, although the reading will last approx 40 minutes I allow time at the end for discussion.  This reading can also be given via distance.

5 Card Spread (in person) £45.50pp

Please note that I will only see a maximum of two people for readings. 

World Wide Online/Distance Healing and Energy Work

As well as seeing clients at the spa face to face we are now offering some of our treatments and services online and via video link. It can be a wonderful way especially for healing work to be received in the comfort of your own home.

How the session will be carried out will be agreed at the time of booking.

For more information or to book please email mysticalgardenspa@gmail.com

Shamanic Healing

£70.50 per session

Inner Child Healing


Past Life Healing and Clearance


Home/Land/Workplace Shamanic Blessing and Healing



40 Minutes £34.50
60 Minutes £37.50

12 Card Reading


5 Card Reading


Shamanic Mentoring Programme

Our Shamanic Mentoring Programme is for those that are going through difficult life transitions for example divorce, bereavement, change of job or transitioning to the next stage of their journey. Each session is 1 hour via video link. Sessions are available in blocks of 2, 4, 6 or 8

£65.50 per session 25% discount if 6 or more are booked

For further information email mysticalgardenspa@gmail.com

Two Day Deep Shamanic Healing

This is two days of deep life changing shamanic healing and will be carried out via distance/remote channelling. This is an opportunity to really heal and release those big issues and traumas within your life and honour yourself with not one but two days of deep and transformational soul healing.

Shamanic healing can lift and heal past lives, curses/hexes, entities, power/soul loss, inner child trauma, blocks, cords, soul contracts, depression, anxiety, addiction and so much more!

This two day healing will start and end with a 1 hr telephone/video consultation which will give you the opportunity to ask any questions and talk about the areas within your life that you feel need healing or attention. Throughout the two days I will be channeling with my guides and your higherself and guides. At the end of the second day we will have another consultation where I will discuss what has been lifted and the ways in which you can take your life forward!

Shamanic healing is life changing and can release you from the prison of your traumas....

Today is the first day of the rest of your life....

The cost of this wonderful opportunity is £160

and is booked via email mysticalgardenspa@gmail.com

Shamanic Card Reading and Healing

This is something very different and unique...

For those that would love to have a reading with us and shamanic healing this is possibly the one for you!

This is a combined clairvoyant and tarot/oracle card reading via video link which then leads to TWO shamanic healing sessions 6 weeks apart. Another added bonus is that it's slightly cheaper that buying these services individually.

How does it work?

You start off with one hours energy reading via video link. Myself and guides will read your energy field using clairvoyance and cards. We will also look at current situations within your life and the ways that shamanic healing can help to heal them. It will be a chance for you to ask questions and receive guidance . The reading will also help you to understand why certain things are happing within your life. We will then do a shamanic treatment plan from the outcomes of the session. Once the treatment plan has been agreed we will the book in TWO 2 hour shamanic sessions 6 wks apart. The shamanic healing will be done via distance channelling.

The cost for the life changing experience is £180

To book please email mysticalgardenspa@gmail.com

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