Reiki is a beautiful form of holistic medicine called energy healing.  Universal energy is transferred via the palms onto the client, and can be done by contact or with the healer’s hands above, depending on what you are comfortable with.  It can also be done via distance (by arrangement).  Reiki is used to encourage emotional, physical and spiritual healing.  On the day of your session please wear comfortable clothing, bring some water for afterwards and be free of alcohol 24 hrs before and after treatment.  During your session soft music is played whilst you relax and let the healing energy flow!

£35.50 - 40 minutes
£40.50 - 60 minutes

Book four Reiki session’s and the 4th is free! (First three sessions must be paid in full at time of booking)

Soothing Body Massage

This is an amazing way to relax and unwind whilst you close your eyes and let your tired mind and body be at one… This beautiful massage focuses on all parts of your body starting at your legs and feet and finishes at your head with a soothing head massage.  To add a little bit of something special to your massage why not try our body massage with Reiki?

Full Body Massage £26.50 40 minutes
Reiki Full Body Massage £56.50 60 minutes

Mystical Facial

This is a beautiful, healing and spiritual experience where you can be at one with yourself whilst having a good old pamper! Also why not add Reiki into your facial for that extra bit of something special.

Mystical Facial £26.50  40 minutes
Mystical Reiki Facial £60.50 60 minutes

Indian Head Massage

This massage is an ancient technique which originates from India and concentrates on the upper back, arms, hands, shoulders, neck, face and head

Indian Head Massage £32.50  40 minutes

Hopi Ear Candling

This ancient healing holistic treatment involves a specially made hollow candle which is gently placed into the ear. It is used to gently remove ear wax and debris from ear infections.  It is painless and is used to relieve the symptoms of ear wax, ear ache, sinus infections, headaches and congestion. You can also choose to enjoy an Indian Head Massage afterwards!

Hopi Ear Candling £30.50 40 minutes
Hopi Ear Candling with Indian Head Massage £52.50 70 minutes

Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is one of the oldest forms of healing on our planet.  Using a range of Shamanic healing techniques Shamanism can bring healing to many areas of our lives including:

Past Life

DNA/ Family trauma

Hex/Curse removal

Cord cutting

Attachment/Entity removal

Power and Soul Retrieval

Each session can last between 1.5 hrs - 2hrs. More than one session is recommended. Cost £75.50

Inner Child Healing

The aim of this session will be to address and heal traumas, upset and other issues that occurred during childhood. To bring wisdom and understanding to what and why it happened and the ways in which you can heal and go forward into a bright future!

Cost £65.50

Past Life Healing and Clearance

Our past lives can have a profound effect on the lives that we are living now. So many of our present day issues and difficulties can be traced back through hundreds of not thousands of past lives and years. This healing session aims to reveal, heal, release and close down the relevant past lives and leave you feeling more in control and have an understanding of why it has impacted this life and how you can now step into the future!

Cost £65.50

Home/Land/Workplace Shamanic Blessing and Healing

Our homes, land and workplaces hold the energy of all previous owners/occupants and traumas, trapped spirits or even historical events including battles, cursed land etc. During a Shamanic healing session on your land, home or workplace we will bring healing, release and clearance of what is needed at that moment. You will also be given guidance on how to look after the energy of your home or work place for the future. As with all other forms of Shamanic healing it is advisable to have more than one session as it is nearly always impossible to lift and heal all that needed in order to bring peace and healing to your space within one session

Cost £250

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